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  • 10 Rookie Mistakes Made by Beginner Hikers

      I definitely would not consider myself an expert hiker. In fact, any type of cardio makes me want to die. However, I am always down to endure a little (or a lot) of pain if it means I get to witness an incredible view. With that being said I have done my fair share of hikes, ranging from super ... View Post
  • Top 10 Tips for an Adventure Honeymoon

    Tying the knot? Celebrating by taking an adventure honeymoon? Then don't miss out on Jeff & Maddy Wilson's Top tips on how to do it right. The adventure couple, The Wandering Wilsons help you navigate the trip of your dreams and while keeping your budding nuptials alive! View Post
  • Top Ten Tips for Extreme Camping

       Look up ‘extreme camping’ online and you’ll get a variety of amazing (and sometimes terrifying) pictures— port-a-ledges dangling off cliff faces, sleeping bags buried in snow caves, people slack-lining to and from their tent. While these images may be awesome (and are definitely extreme), they... View Post