They don’t call it ‘Black Friday’ for no reason…

‘Black Friday’ – an informal name for the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States and the fourth Thursday of November, unofficially starts the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.  It is a day or weekend of “can’t be beat” shopping deals and a time to hit the stores early with family and friends and “hunt” down a good deal!  The goal is to walk away accomplished, tired but most importantly happy with the deals and gifts that you have secured for your loved ones.  Well…not always… for the past few years we have seen some very shocking headlines, stories and even videos of outrageous behaviours during ‘Black Friday’ shopping.  Here are just a few of the stories that caught our eye:


  1. I must have that coffee…

“I have worked in the retail world for the past 5 years…which means 5 years of Black Friday shopping.  Last year was the worst.  I was working at Best Buy and we had opened around 5:30 a.m.  We had this cheap coffee machine on for sale for $3…I witnessed a lady punch another lady in the face for our last non-reserved one.” – Katrina F., Facebook

  1. Broken bones, and broken dreams…

“When I was trying to pick up an expensive jewelry set off of the floor, I was literally pushed over and stepped on by a hoard of people.  LITERALLY STEPPED ON.  My foot was broken and I couldn’t work for months. Lilym42e8479fd

  1. Bike escape

“Back in my college days, I worked in retail to pay the bills.  On Black Friday, we had a fist fight break out over the last bike.  Fists were thrown and there was even some blood.  Eventually, one guy got a hold of it and managed to get it away from the crowd.  He ended up riding it out of the store (without paying) to get away from his pursuers” – KnowMatter

  1. Security Takedown

“Someone punched a security guard in the face because he thought he was a customer skipping the line…he was just walking to the door to start his shift.” – Reddit User


  1. Lobster anyone?

“During the madness one Black Friday morning, we caught a woman stuffing lobster tails down her pants.  She would un-package them and stuff the trash in a stack of tires that was on display.” – Nickdubs


  1. Power outage

“Someone ran into a transformer nearby and took out the power to the whole retail block.  Everyone who had items they wanted to purchase…several hundred…had to just sit down and chill.” – zahngol


  1. Mace

“An 80 year old grandma tacked and then bear-maced a woman over fleece fabric at my store…fleece.” –Reddit User

  1. $2 Towels

“I was on crowd control one year, and I would walk around trying to ensure the people in line were comfortable and entertained.  There was two ladies at the front of  the line that had been there for 13 hours…out of all the deals in the store, all they had was a handful of $2 towels.  At the end of the day, there was still tons of towels left, with a lot more in the stockroom.” –Reddit User

  1. Jugular miss

“One year while working at Wal-mart, I saw a lady get knocked down…she was holding a pen, and it went straight into her kneck!.  The crazy part was that no one tried to help.  My manager stood over top of her to protect her from the crowd and getting trampled.  When the ambulance crew arrived they literally had to shove people out of the way to get to the lady.” – Reddit User

  1. Cookie Cake

“I haven’t told this story in awhile.  I used to work for Mrs. Fields Cookies in my local mall.  During Black Friday, a man in a buttoned down Mrs. Fields Cookie shirt arrives and tells us he is doing a mid day drop for any of the cash that we have taken in so far.  I let him in the back, he tinkers with our computer for awhile and takes the cash.  Later on in the day, when my manager does the paperwork, he realizes we are $1600 short.  Turns out this guy had gone to over 10 Mrs. Fields in the area and robbed over 10k worth in cash.  I ended up being fired with my buddy over the incident.  We stole a giant cookie cake as compensation…it was worth it.”

Have fun out there…and be kind & SHOP ONLINE!

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