11 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

With the New Year ahead of us, a small sense of hope and renewal is inevitable. But for many of us, we've grown accustom to new years coming and going without much change happening for the better or worse.
Sometimes the status quo ends up being a rut...
Trying to pick one major goal often leads us to major failure as we don't know how to master the small steps to get there.
Even the small steps require the focus and determination to change our habits and consider new perspectivies.
This focus can be hard to find when the world of technology, Trump, finances, war, relationships and health are constant stressors.
Trying to find the space to think and change often requires us to simplify our thinking and our lives...
We've written 11 tips on how to simplify your life in your environment and thinking, so that you can start living life a more simply and satisfied way: 
1. Commit to 1 or 2 social media apps, delete the rest.

There’s always a new app around the corner, not to mention friends using different platforms, but that doesn’t mean you need to subscribe to them all.

Trying monitor Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder etc. for updates from friends and following the ‘best profiles’ can sap your time and distract you from living life.

Connecting with those who you love most and the things you love to do should be the main goal of these apps.

If you must, let people know you’re signing off and where you can be contacted easiest…then delete, if those people don’t reach out in other ways, then it’s also time to let them go too. Move on with the apps and friends you cherish.

 Lead the trend and socially #keepitsimple…


2. Get RID of CONTRACTS with technology companies

This may be something that takes time if you’re already locked in, but there are some easy ones to get rid of without too many penalties.

Cable and home phones are a thing of the past.

Time to cut the cord.

Most millennials are living on streaming services and webcasters, so this might not be a new idea, but for many of you, you’re still locked into $100/month tv services you barely watch.

Chromecast allowed us to cut the cord over two years ago and we haven’t looked back.

 Another tip, don’t opt for the newest phone every year.

Pay for your phones up front (what you can afford)

and take care of it. You wouldn’t be so cavalier with an $800 camera, so why you’re main life line?

Buying the phone outright  will enable you to pay month-by-month without crazy signup fees, overcharges and the flexibility/leverage to say goodbye when they try to increase your rates.


3. Reduce your wardrobe NOW

We all have those pieces of clothing that we haven’t worn in years.

We know they don’t fit properly, yet we still give them that coveted closet space so we can look at them and dream about the day they will fit again.

They won’t.

Not to mention they’re taking up emotional ‘mental space’ by having to look at them day in and day out.

Time to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Keep the items you’ve worn in the last year only…

  • A neat tip is to turn the hangers the opposite way on all your clothing at the beginning of the new year. By the year end, only keep those that you’ve worn and turned the other way.

When shopping in the future,

only buy things that you will love for years and are comfortable in

no matter how your size fluctuates.


4.Get a dog that makes you go outside

This suggestion can work both ways.

A dog can hugely complicate your life if you’ve never had one or

if you’re too selfish and you know it.

But if you know you’re the kind of person who will prioritize taking care of others before yourself, then an active dog can actually force you to get outside and simplify your priorities.

The joys of watching them play and grow can also transform your life in ways that are satisfying and long-lasting.

Dog’s keep it simple and they can teach you if you let them.


Do not get a dog that is much more active than you and you can’t keep up.

Dogs like Greyhounds, Collies, Shepherds and Labs (just to name a few)

can require a significant amount of training and

NEED access to the great outdoors regularly (like everyday, for 3 hours minimum, for years).

Research the right breed for your desired activity level and

then let your good parenting skills shine!


5. Negotiate work from home days

We understand this is only possible for some folks, but if you’re in a job that requires any desk work then figure out which components could be completed at home, then approach your boss.

The more you work from home, the more you’ll realize how much you can get done.

If they won’t give you a full day, ask to leave early on Fridays or come in later on Mondays and make sure you are still accessible by email/telephone during those hours.

If you can negotiate a full day,

your week work will start to feel as short as your weekends

and there will be a mental shift for you and your employer.

It’s hard to explain, it should be more complicated to work at two different sites,

but evidence is showing the more we allow people to work at home,

the better workers they are and

the better off their families are,

the better off employers are.

It’s just that simple.


6.Simplify your morning routine

You may be really good at this already,

but if you’re still doing a daily routine that takes more than 15 minutes

then consider trying this change for two weeks.

Classic looks with minimal upkeep are extremely professional and work for both men and women. Ladies Stick with the same hair style (DRY SHAMPOO at least EVERY 2nd DAY instead of redoing your hair) and wear basic makeup, if any. Men, test out the short beard look and keep it trim, but stop shaving regularly and invest in a steamer to keep your clothes wrinkle free.

We’re not saying you can’t get dressed up or be glamourous whenever you want.

But if you’re looking to simplify your life,

look for styles and trends that are minimalistic

and require little upkeep.

A big one on our list is nail polish…we’re over it.

Always chipping, and requires constant upkeep…

and most importantly our natural nails look just fine the way they ARE!

Some of the most attractive and magnetizing people in the world are the most natural looking and adhere to a ‘look’…explore your two ‘looks’ and stick to them.


7. Delete your extra email addresses you created 10 years ago

The fear, the anxiety…

‘what if’ someone wants to tell me I’ve won a prize???

We all have that email address that we made when we first started to use the internet.

But at some point Sweetygurl47 stopped working for you…

Unfortunately, it’s still around and you probably get a few important emails from there because it’s too time consuming to go and update to your primary email.

Well I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news…

it’s time to get rid of it.

Bite the bullet and change your important email notifications (banking info, etc) to your primary address,

then let friends and family know that address is no longer active.

Then delete if possible.

If not, stop checking it and forget about it.

This is a new world problem, but something we need to get better at…

stop letting old technology and tools bog you down.

Know when to move on and move it out of your life.


8. Buy less food

We don’t mean this to be a weight loss suggestion, but a cleaner and more simplified way of living.


Overstuffed fridges and almost empty cracker boxes crowd your kitchen and your life.

Buy only the foods you know you eat every day and stay away from impulse purchases.

Keep a list of the things you need and have it posted where you can see.

This will help jog your memory when you’re in the store and prevent you from buying stuff you already have.

 If something goes rotten in your fridge, take note and feel badly ;)

Food waste is a big problem and if you didn’t finish the whole lettuce head then you are not eating enough salad or buying too much.

There are lots of good reasons to be more responsible with our food purchases, and for the sake of this article we’ll just say it would hugely simplify your kitchen and life


9. Stop buying too many gifts

Christmas time is a beautiful time, but also filled with the stress of trying to get gifts for loved ones.

All too often we buy trendy & novel items that are interesting in theory, but mostly useless and a waste of money and space.

The act of regifting continues to grow as people receive more and more stuff they just don’t want.

Instead, ask your family and friends if they would rather pool the money to do something special.

Maybe it’s a small vacation, renting a hot tub or bringing in a caterer to make a New Years meal.

If your family loves the act of unwrapping,

pick names out of a hat and ensure each person gets one gift they will love and that is thoughtfully selected.

Worry less about presents so you can enjoy the whole period of Christmas and not just the gift giving.


10. Clean for 15 minutes a day (no more, no less)

Life never seems more overwhelming and complicated when you’re environment is in chaos. Take it from us,

we know what kids can do to a perfectly styled living room and to your mental health…

So we know you need a strategy to tackle this constant stressor.

Each day, commit 15 minutes to cleaning.

This doesn’t seem like a lot,

but you will be AMAZED at what you get done.

After that, get back to the things you want and need to do without feeling guilty.

Obviously, this won’t work when your in-laws are visiting…

but it will help keep your life simple and cleaner.


11. Plan memories instead of achievements

Achievements can meet a lot of different things but for us this really means acquiring the next big thing, reaching the next big goal and bypassing all the simple memories you could end up cherishing as you grow old.

Stay focused on spending time with family, soaking in the rays, laughing your butt off in the hot tub with two many beers and playing farting games with your kids.

Plan memories and your bucket list makes itself,

Plan memories and who you invite becomes clear,

Plan memories and life gets simple.

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