3 Biggest Mistakes Amateur Campers Make

Family Camping and sitting around bonfire

We all love the excitement of packing up our gear, storing the perfect amount of food, stashing the whiskey and hitting the open road...but if you've ever gone camping on the fly, you know you've made at least one of these fun-killer mistakes. Read below to make sure your camp experience is never ruined again...

Number 1: Not testing out your equipment
This can be the end of your camping trip if you don't have resources near by to fix your failing equipment. A new duel-action stove won't mean much if it's missing a part. Do a dry run with your tent, sleeping bags, stoves, etc...before escaping into parts less traveled. 

Number 2: Arriving in the dark
This doesn't seem like a big deal when you hit the road a couple hours later than expected or stop for lunch and mimosas...but this is trouble. Getting to a site you're not familiar with and a major to-do list is a recipe for disaster or injury. Arrive with a couple of hours of daylight ahead of you to ensure you can scope the area. If there is even the slightest chance you might hit traffic or be late, make sure to pack headlamps for everyone.

Number 3: Underestimating the weather
Yeah sure it's a balmy 85 degrees and you've got the perfect moisture absorbent get-up for those hot sweaty days, but you chose to forgo the warm and cozy hoodie. It can't get that cold at night, right? Big mistake. Don't ever underestimate what type of weather Mother Nature will throw at you. Bring at least one piece of clothing for the opposite season. Use a cozy hoodie or sweater to cover you for those cold, brisk nights or even an unexpected rain or hail storm that threatens to end your trip. Don't leave it to your friends to pack this for you...nobody likes a sweater moocher. Don't have a good camping hoodie? Check out our collection of sweaters, hoodies and long-sleeves today...don't be scared, be prepared!

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