We all love the free stuff. Some of us for the thrill of the deal, others to have a sense we aren't poorer everytime we leave the house. 

So we hit all the pop-ups, and subscribing socilitations for you so that you can score your 2019 free Canadian stuff with ease.

1. Flag of Canada Lapel Pin

Not sure where to wear this baby? Don't fret! These cute little pins are perfect for Canada Day celebrations, but also your favourite backpack when crossing the globe. Let others know you ARE CANADIAN...in a subtle and stylish way. The perfect souvenir for your new found friend across the world. Click here to get yours

2. Free Flag of Canada or Maple Leaf Temporary Tattoo

Great for birthday parties, Canada Day BBQ's and general exhibition of Canadian spirit! Order multiples for your next event and you'll be sure to be GOAT on Etsy this summer season. Click here and look for Canada Day in the drop down menu

3. LEGO Life Kids Magazine Subscription

The free LEGO® Life magazine is for kids between the ages 5 and 10 living in the US and Canada. Create a LEGO ID account for your child to subscribe to the magazine. Your first magazine should arrive in 4-6 weeks and are guaranteed to be a hit with the kids of all ages. Click here to sign up now!

4. Free Road Map & Guide of Canada

Planning a Canadian nature vacation this summer? Score your much-needed road maps for when your phone is dying and there are no networks around. This site is also great at helping you estimate your road-trip cost per person. Search and download today.

5. Free Baby Start-Up Kit

Although these are just great marketing ploys to get you to become a loyal customer, and may put additional pressure to bottle feed when you are totally exhausted, they can also come in handy for vacations or emergency supplies. Even the government of Canada says each family whether at home or travelling should have a back up of supplies in case your home loses power or your vehicle gets stuck. Having some extra formula, wipes and snacks can't hurt when you're in a jam. Click here to see what Enfamil offers for free

Couple laying in hammock with baby

6. Free Canada Flag

Although you may not receive it in your lifetime, you can add your name to the waitlist for a flag that has been flown on Parliament Hill. Changed several times per month, each 'used' flag is then addressed and sent to an individual on the waitlist. Click here to request a flag your grandchildren might receive.

7. Free Discovery Pass to Parks Canada (ages 0-17 years)

The Discovery Pass is your gateway to history, nature, and adventure from coast to coast to coast. Consider these benefits:

  • Unlimited admission for 12 full months from date of purchase at over 80 Parks Canada places that typically charge a daily entrance fee
  • Faster entry and greater convenience

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