How to Avoid Long-Weekend Burnout Without Partying Less

Can't you feel it?

The excitement builds as you start to plan that first long-weekend of the year.

Whether it's lakeside or jetting off to sit pier-side with girlfriends, we all relish in confirming those first plans of the season. 

We usually start with MAY can be cold in Canada, but well worth it if you pick the right spot.

3 full nights and 3 full days (if you're smart) away from colleagues, unintentional Netflix binging, and responding to texts you have no desire to answer.

These are the memories that define your life.

But we all know the sad truth.

Most long-weekends start big and end small...and sometimes with a huge desire to get back home and AWAY from the long-weekend.

We call it long-weekend BURNOUT.

How can that be possible?

What can go that wrong if you're sitting in booze-filled floaty with your best friends?

Well if you're over the age of 21, you know long-weekends have earned their bad reputation... overdrinking, angry significant others, not enough food/booze, shitty accommodations and bad weather...etc...etc..

A well-intentioned weekend can turn into a nightmare.

Well Campton is here to give you our tried and true methods of avoiding long-weekend burnout without partying less...yes it CAN be done. Its just taken us 11 years to figure it all here you're welcome:

1) Bring as much morning recovery drink as you do booze, if not more.


What do I mean by recovery drink? Perrier, tomato juice, Redbull, coconut water...whatever YOU need in the morning to feel like you've got a fighting chance of standing upright.

Bring this in loads, and HIDE it! 

The one thing I've learned over the years is that there's ALWAYS someone who comes with nothing...

Well, when the tap water doesn't taste right or your Grapefruit Perrier in the fridge is oh-too tempting, they'll turn to your stash.

And don't think you'll catch them. They'll do it late night after you've gone to bed and leave you with nothing in the morning.

Go to sleep peacefully, knowing no matter how much you've drank you have enough for a few before bed and when you wake up.

You NEED this hydration constantly and frequently to avoid getting death-face the next day.

Also, if it's a special treat (for example coconut water), you might even be excited to down it and feel all the better for it. A WIN-WIN

 2) Eat Like a Queen the First NIGHT

Everyone ususally picks one night to go 'big' with food. 

I'm talking steaks, lobsters, get it. 

Everyone ALWAYS picks Saturday. BIG MISTAKE! 

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but think about it...

The first night everyone is still warming up to each other and their surroundings...

Everyone is looking for something to do, plus after a day of travel, they aren't necessarily ready to dive into a bonfire.

So we turn to drinking fast and furious to feel more comfortable and 'start' the party.

This is usually the downfall of the ENTIRE weekend. Yep. Right here.

People go too fast and too strong the first night and lay waste to the next day.

Waking up feeling like you can barely stand, much less drink or eat, doesn't bode well for the planned boat ride or pricey brunch reservations.

It will also lead to huge disappoinment and resentment by the people who aren't feeling so bad...

So here's a better plan:

Use your first night to have a 'hardy' meat meal with steaks or a pasta dinner and take some time having fun preparing it or get glammed-up and go out.

Drink good wine and craft beers.

Have a stomach-filling meal that will put you to bed at a reasonable time without overdoing it.

Not only will it be so much easier to reconnect, but you'll avoid any overdrinking leading to unexpected fights or beefs that could ruin the whole weekend before you've started.

Save Saturday for easy food fair, where everyone can eat and relax without any real expectations or timelines, plus a good day-drink with fun food will help moderate the night...maybe even entice a few naps.

Trust us...this will be the smartest and most important decision of your entire weekend.

3) Bring Games~Be Weather Prepared!

Campfires & Cocktails Ladies Hoodie ($75)

When you went to your first long-weekend party, the last thing you thought about was games and activities... 

In fact the only thing you thought about was hooking up and drinking beer...

Not to say those things aren't important now...

but we need more.

Lets be fair, many of our long-weekends can turn into rain-sodden marathons where we can barely go outside, muchless hit up do anything adventurous.

So, you might need something to do...however, beer pong SHOULD NOT begin before 6 PM!

Bring some stuff to do...

Here's our list of favourites: washer toss, Cards of Humanity, poker, old movies, Chromecast and Mario Cart. If you're not outdoors, some simple things like glam activities or home decor-making come in handy (design your own mug, glam nails, etc.)

At Campton, each person is assigned an activity that can be anything as long as you can do it inside. It's hard work to come up with good ideas...but we all still have the coasters we made 3 years ago on a rainy day. So it works.

These activities can honestly save a vacation!

4) Ensure you will like your sleeping arrangements

Again, before the days of significant others, snoring and shift work we really didn't care where we landed.

But times change quickly and worst weekend away is one where your sleep is jeopardized. 

A sleepless weekend can turn into a desperate need to get home after 2 days. I'm sure we remember the times a friend has jumped ship after the second day because it's been too much and not enough sleep.

There's no way to have fun in the day if you're struggling to get shut eye.

It's no vacation.

So, before you agree to any plans-confirm where you'll be sleeping and what type of arrangement it will be.

Am I saying you need a King Bed with mint candies?

NO, a tent in a quiet, protected area may be exactly what you're looking for...but make sure it's an option.

Sharing a room with a buddy? Make sure she's not going to be upset if you stumble in around 3am.

Take care of your sleep and go to sleep when you need to.

5) Bring tons of food

The one and only way to make sure your nights of partying don't impact your days of fun is to have a ton of food. 

Seriously, if you're going with a co-ed group, both men and women need lots of healthy but delicious food to help fill in the gaps between drinks. 

It will honestly keep your weekend chill, calm but fun if everyone is well fed.

This is a mistake we made many times and we paid for it. Searching cupboards for instant rice and plum sauce are a part of the past.

So, have the guys cook a big breakfast...ladies follow up with lunch and appetizers and everyone pitch in for big dinners. 

Assign meal schedules before you arrive and make sure everyone is contributing. 

If you're headed to a hot city, decide what nights you're going out to dinner and when you're going to wing it.

The worst is dragging your group around town and not getting in anywhere because you need reservations. In heels.

Food will bring everyone together and keep everyone on the right path. So show it respect and plan well.

*If you want special status, prepare a midnight snack like mini pizzas or pretzels to keep everyone functioning at semi-concious levels

6) Bring your stuff

You have a sleeping bag, but you'll hope there will be sheets...

You have a great floaty for the pool...but assumed your friends will bring theirs.

Bring an extra towel? So

There's a reason we have stuff and yes it takes more time and consideration to pack, but it is a short-term inconvenience for a long-term gain.

The worst is bringing all the things you need and then a bunch of people borrowing it because they didn't take the time and effort to bring their own.

People who don't bring anything and mouche off other people can exhaust everyone and make them less likely to want you to come next time.

Don't ruin the mood with your laziness. Bring what you need at a minimum and maybe even a little extra.

 7) Stop trying to Instagram and Facebook every cool moment

This can dominate your whole weekend.

Whenever you find a cool photo-op it's because you're actually in a cool moment...

which you're about to miss if you're always trying to get the right shot.

Take only special photos.

Spontaneous photos are ok, but if you're spending anytime worrying about the way your leg looks...then you need to put your camera down.

Taking photos is not about censoring and shaping how people see you on the long-weekend.

At Campton we feel this is a new and extra special way to burn yourself out.

So stop taking pictures nobody looks at and start living!


See you at the lake...

Campton Crew




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