Top 10 Glamping Tips~Camping in Style and Comfort

At Campton we're all for traveling light and hitting the back country with minimal supplies and weight. But when we go camping with the kids and friends, traveling light just means we forgot to bring it. If you're looking for a care-free and luxurious camping trip i.e., glamorous camping = glamping, then take a look at these top 10 glamping tips to make your next trip fabulous!

  1. Bring a Chair and Table~ If you're planning on having drinks by the fire, don't forget to bring comfortable seating first and foremost. After the age of 16 nothing gets older quicker than sitting on a log or stump. Bring enough seats for your party, but also don't forget a small table if you won't have access to a picnic table or motor home. When preparing food, it's key to have a work station you can keep clean and sterilized. Bring a larger table if you and the family want to enjoy dinners by sunset and memorable family conversations around frank and beans.Check out the Ascot Portable picnic table from for only $174.99 and free shipping.
  2. Solar Paneled Ground Lights or Glow Sticks~ After a long day of building,cooking, cavorting and drinking, trying to locate the one and only flashlight that your spouse already took to the tent can result in a wild trip to the emergency room. Treat yourself by investing in 2-4 solar paneled ground lamps that you can create a path back to the tent. You'll be thanking us for this one every night... If you don't want to bother with getting these, a cheap alternative is 'Glow Sticks'. Kids love them and you can tape them anywhere! Check out your local Dollar Store and stack up for under $10. You won't be worried about the kids losing them, and it will make traveling in the dark safer for everyone.
  3. Get Off the Ground~ Sleeping on the ground sounds like hitting the true outdoors the right way, but when you're trying to enjoy your week-long getaway, a couple nights of bad sleep can be a vacation-killer. Upgrade from the typical sleeping mats to a full on air mattress that fits in your tent. A lot of tents can fit a Queen size mattress and are easy to inflate with a small air pump. The best ones come with built in pillows that help you travel a bit lighter. We recommend this Canadian Tire's Rollaway Aerobed with Headboard, on sale from $329.99 to $174.99
  4. Wireless Speakers~ One way to bring fun and luxury to your outdoor adventure is to have your favourite tunes anywhere you want them. Waterproof speakers are even better. Don't forget to charge them fully before you go and have your favourite playlists ready in case you are out of range for downloading new tunes. You can get these speakers pretty much anywhere and for a wide range of prices ($3.00-$200.00). Unless you're a meticulous organizer who LOVES their electronics, we suggest going for the lower priced ones just in case they get broken during the camping shuffle.
  5. Bring a Small Broom ~ My husband taught me this trick early in our relationship. He's the details guy and well, I'm the big picture woman. That means I usually forget about cleaning tools. Having a small broom with dustpan will be a welcome treat halfway through your trip. Without fail, pinecones, needles, dirt and bugs will get in your tent. Without a small broom and dustpan, you'll be reduced to taking them out by hand or lifting the tent up to empty it out. Both are very annoying.Once you're 'glamping' trip is done, store it in the car for next time or for cleaning out the Goldfishes your kid just dropped all over the floor.
  6. Dry Shampoo and Baby Wipes ~ Some trips you may want these more than others...especially those taken with other families or friends. To feel less like a gremlin and more like a lady of the land, have these two handy essentials to keep you feeling fresh. We never advocate bringing makeup...but these two products can help when there's no shower around and the cold lake isn't tempting you. We love these 100% biodegradable and compostable baby wipes  from
  7. Real S'more/hot dog pokers ~ I love nothing more than searching for the perfect sticks and widdling them down for cooking tools...but if you have a large group or just want the ease of being able to cook food quickly, metal rods are the way to go. Easy to clean and always ready, campfire pokers make eating a fun and fast way to eat. Get them cheap at Home Depot or these beautiful designed ones from
  8. Bring a Hot Water Bottle~ This may seem outdated and a waste of time, but we can't tell you how often we end up using our hot water bottle on cold nights. Whether it's unexpected weather, or a dip in the cold lake before bed, a hot water bottle will feel like a luxury all night long. Not to mention a great way to heat up your sleeping bag before you get in. These may be harder to find nowadays, be we suggest heading to for this. 
  9. Battery Powered Christmas lights~ This may seem extravagant and unnecessary, but light up your tent on the inside or outside and you'll be dying to leave the campfire early and hit the hay. A romantic way of lighting the way or adding a luxurious and magical atmosphere. Don't want to add them to your tent? Try the picnic table, nearby tree or even your vehicle. Everyone will love can find reasonable priced ones at Canadian Tire or Home Depot.
  10. Keep your Feet Warm with Moccasins and High Quality Socks ~ Getting up in the morning can be so much more delightful with a comfortable pair of moccasins waiting in the doorway. Easy to slip on and can be worn with or without socks, these are a MUST-HAVE for your Campsite. To pair with this, are high quality socks. Ones that extend up the calf for full campfire bug coverage, while providing warmth and comfort while you sleep and play. We recommend this pair of stylish, yet high quality socks at Campton Clothing Co. 'What Happens at the Bonfire' Socks for Men and Women. Under $14.00, these socks will be your go-to favourites for all your adventures.

Camping Socks with Bonfire from Campton Clothing Co.

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