Top 3 ROADTRIP Hacks

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Top 3 ROADTRIP Hacks:

Roadtrip season is almost here, which means it's time to start planning for that classic youthful pastime: the epic roadtrip. Whether you're going solo or with the kids, these top three hacks are a MUST:
Hack #1: Start Saving Your Change Now.
In our world of endless card tapping and swiping, we often forget hidden gems may only take cash and parking is often coin operated. Create your Adventure Fund jar today.
Hack #2: Bring a Water Floatie
Maybe you'll use it for the lake or ocean, or maybe as your make-shift bed. Be prepared to sleep in your car! The open road brings many surprises...don't be left in an uncomfortable position. Bring a floatie that can double as a bed in a jam.
Hack #3: Bring real maps
Don't just rely on your phone. Phones break, chargers get lost and WIFI disappears. Have something tangible to guide your way. If that's not your style, at least bring this 'Talking Points' Men's & Ladies Tshirt to help you locate the resources you need!
'Talking Points' Men's & Ladies & Kid's Travel Shirt.
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