5 Tips for Taking the Perfect Outdoor Picture of your Dog

Here at Campton, we travel with our dogs wherever we go! By land, water or air, our favourite travel companions are always along for the ride. So that means at some point during our adventures we usually try to capture them in that ever 'illusive' perfect action shot. It's never easy...and we always come out with some stinkers...but since we started using these tips, our doggie gallery has grown. That's why we've taken the time to write down some of our best photo tips for capturing your best four-legged friend in film:

1) Take your shots after they've exercised

We always find Jake to be the most amenable to requests to sit after he's burnt off some pent-up energy. Trying to capture those perfect dog portraits is often difficult at the best of times, but even worse at the beginning of our walk- Jake has other plans in mind. Don't have a lot of time on your hands? Bring a friend to take shots while you play...the key will be to capture them right near the end when your dog is slowing down. So give them what they need and there's a better chance you'll get what you want!

  2) Give yourselves space 

Close quarters is great for getting cute small dog or puppy shots, but tend to hinder big breeds. So tip 2: spread out! Giving them space to run and play also gives you the best chance of capturing them in full sprint or jumping in the air. Too close and you might crop parts of their body out of the frame or you might miss out on the beautiful scene around them. Pick a spacious locale and angle, then let your dog explore until you find the right moment. Sometimes hanging back on the trail can offer up the best fall or winter pictures. You can capture them as they look back and get all the great landscape. Any way you do it, big breeds benefit from lots of space to frolic!

3) Use the environment to highlight their best assets

We know your dog always looks cute, but to really capture those winter blue eyes or that snow white coat, pick beautiful colours or vistas that highlight these qualities. Often a spectacular photo of your little pup is simply missing that key colour that will make it pop! Below is a great example of how the vibrant yellow really brings out Jake's eyes & face. If you make sure to add some bright tones either through the changing leaves, coloured toys or even green grass you'll find it that much easier catch the 'one'.

You can also use some simple programs like Instagram or Phonto to 'bring' out a certain colour if you find your photo lacking.  But be careful not to overdo it with these programs. You can often lose the 'authentic' feel of the photo by processing too much

  4) Get down to their level

If your looking for that perfect hang-worthy portrait, make sure to get down to your BFF's level. Too often we take shots from above and miss out on all the face-to-face- beauty our pups deliver. In order to catch their eyes properly, kneel or lie down to get that perfect pose. Below is great puppy shot of Max, where we get to see him in all his puppy love glory.

5) Lastly, ADD people!

Those perfect solo doggy shots can look awesome and can be real showpieces. But at Campton, we the best shots are those that show the love and affection seen between a dog and their owner. Below is one of our favourite shots of Max and his dad. Although it may be missing some of the other 'key' components, you can just feel the love...and that's what the best and most memorable photos capture.

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