Customer Service Engagement Standards

At Campton we hope to provide you with the most valuable, ethical, and friendly service possible. In our attempts to deliver this commodity, at times there are delays, cancellations, lack of resources and unforseen events that make it difficult for us to get your order to you exactly on time and without errors. We do our best to remedy any situation to the best of our ability.

To ensure customers and staff are treated with the dignity, respect and kindness, Campton has a policy: of no-tolerance of abusive, threatening, aggressive or attempts to secure free product for inappropriate/unreasonable situations. Should a customer engage in this behaviour, the order will be refunded on the earliest possible business day (may take 3-5 business days), the customer will be informed of the refund, as well as possible cancellation of their order. As well, we will not the permit the customer to purchase again from the store or engage on social media.

Customer service engagement standards apply to all online platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and the online store.

We encourage all customers to review our refunds/exchange pages, as well as shipping and manufacturing times so that they are not disappointed or unaware of the 'made-to'order' approach we take.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact