Made-To-Order Nostalgia

How Do We Make Our Product?

When you place your order with Campton, we don't go to a box and find your size and put it in another box. We actually make each order 'Made-To-Order'.

What does that mean?

That means that when you make your order, we notify the supply team to pick the materials, size and colour. Then, select the design you've chosen.

But there is a waitlist...sorry we know this sucks!

Each article is hand-printed and then combined with the other products you've chosen. The quality assurance team then checks each piece before it heads to shipping.

After creating your shipping address label and packaging, it heads off to the mail department which then gets your package on the way.

This process, depending upon our waitlist can take up to 14 business days to get your order shipped.

Seems long eh? Well we chose it this way.

What do you do differently?

Each year, millions of companies around the world buy product in bulk for pennies or dollars. They then sell it to you for $50-$100 dollars, and SHIP IT FAST!


You feel like you've gotten great service and fast delivery...

But unfortuantely the reality is that that approach is often built on the backs of child/poverty labour & at a detriment to our environment. Just think of how many clothes and toys head to the landfill each day...not because it's well used, but because its not in style or not the right size.

What's wrong with that?

Millions of tons of unused stock and inventory hits the landfills every year. Not to mention the unnecessary water, energy and work-hours to create this waste that will never be used or sold.

Unfortunately, it is too costly to ship to people who might actually need it goes to a landfill.

So at Campton, we've chosen a different way.

A throw back to the past when things took longer to make, because they were made with intention.

What does this mean?

We don't make product people don't want! We don't plan ahead hoping for great sales or a better season, and we don't hold a bunch of inventory hoping to offload it on someone. We make each piece made to order.

Quality and responsibility.

Is that why you don't offer refunds/exchanges on every order?

Yes. But only for discounted/sales items. Those are final sale.

We know you may need the comfort and confidence that you can return something if you don't like it.

In fact, we are happy to do refunds and exchanges to make you happy if it is not a final sale product.

Our last note:  We don't love throw away culture...and we want to make sure we don't contribute to it.

If you are part of the growing movement towards the simplifying, savouring and enjoying, then we're here to fulfill your comfy, casual and adventure wear needs!