Our Story

Northern Made.

As sisters, we grew up outdoors: camping, swimming, hiking and canoeing

together in Northern Canada. Fast forward to careers and our

own growing families – we had precious little time to enjoy nature

together. Life seemed to be flashing by and after moving to bigger cities,

our connection to home was fading.

A campfire conversation one long-weekend led to us setting out to create Campton Clothing Co®.:

an authentic clothing company that both strove to give back and simplify

comfort & style with black and white designs. A chance for us to

redefine Canadian style through quality, nature and the simple things.


"Where the river hits the mountains...", a landmark inspiration for the

brand we stumbled upon. Campton, a small town etched in history and

abundant in natural resources. A simple place with all the natural riches

...rivers, falls, mountains and forest. An inspiring place that would

ultimately end up capturing our vision, mission and values~ and help us

create Campton Clothing Co.®

Two sisters kicking water at the beach for Campton Clothing


Why Try Campton?

At Campton, like us, we know how much you love the simple lifestyle and how

you still want the clothing you wear to be stylish, comfortable and

affordable. Campton makes everything 'made-to-order', we don't just grab a size

small from the box and ship it to you...

We Make Your Hoodie, For You.

Why does this matter?

In our throw-away culture, thousands of tons of

unwanted and unsold clothing goes to our landfills every year. Wasting our

water, energy and precious resources all in the name low costs & fast shipping.

Campton has chosen a different way...sustainable, made-to-order...simplified.

 Two women with skies in Canada

With our wide range of premium apparel featuring simple and natural designs at

great prices, you can finally say you've found your favourite sweater shop.

The kind of weekend clothing you love and cherish for a lifetime..

What’s more, you can conveniently shop online which
means you'll have more time for the things in life that really matter: being with
friends & family, getting outside and enjoying the simple things.
See you at the lake.