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As sisters, we grew up outdoors camping, swimming, hiking and canoeing together in Northern Canada. We were always outside.
But as adults with demanding health care careers, we found ourselves struggling to find time to do these things together. We met up as often as we could to have new adventures together, even though we lived hours away.
Then we both got pregnant at the same time. Becoming parents had changed everything and we found ourselves feeling more pressure than ever to stop the rat race, get outside and away from the hustle.
One day, before an upcoming canoe trip, we were chatting about how buying comfortable clothes for the family had been too stressful. Getting out with two kids was too difficult, trying on clothes was a nightmare and everything was too expensive. Seriously, who wants to pay $49.99 for a tshirt? The kid’s clothes were so cliché and cheesy, making them hard to pass on from sibling to sibling.
We started imagining a clothing company that had beautiful black & white designs for everyone. A company that gave back a portion of its profits. With this as our foundation we took a leap of faith and created Campton.
“We hope you’ll give us a chance to be your next favourite online shop”- Meg & Kathleen

 About Campton

At Campton, like us, we know how much you love life and how you want the clothing you wear to be stylish, comfortable and affordable. With our wide range of apparel featuring beautiful, simple and natural designs at great prices, you can finally find clothes you and your friends will love.
Whether you’re looking for a new tshirt, sweater, onesie or hat we have everything you need. What’s more, you can conveniently shop online which means you will have more time for the things in life that really matter: like family, mother nature and good times.
Our garments feature attractive and unique black and white images of the great outdoors and adventure lifestyle. Our products are traditionally stylish so you’ll love them for years to come. These are all things that we love and that we are sure you’ll love too.