Winner of Campton Clothing Co. Photo Contest 2017

We are proud to announce the winner of Campton Clothing Co.'s Winter Wonderland Contest: Caroline Bonnet (prize valued at $350)

Check out her amazing photo below and special bio written from the heart. We hope you'll follow her links and get to know her photography and follow her adventures. Congratulations!

Caroline Bonnet Winter Wonderland Photo Contest Winner on Campton Clothing Co.

A Word from Caroline:
My name is Caroline, I'm 27 and I come from France. I moved to Seattle in 2015 after a heart surgery. This is why I chose "my_hearts_travels". Because I have been travelling and exploring since this difficult situation in my life. I want to inspire people to travel more through my blog and my Instagram, where I share my experiences and give some information about each of the places I have visited. For more, please visit my blog and my Instagram ❤