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  • Jeff Hammond~Traveling Light Photography
  • Jeff Hammond~Traveling Light Photography

Jeff Hammond~Traveling Light Photography

This is Jeff Hammond of Traveling Light Photography. I am so pumped to hopefully be working with you all, but you all asked me to write a quick email about myself so here goes.

I am a visual storyteller, or at least that is what I aim for with all my images, especially the ones I do for companies similar to yours. My true opinion is that every person and every company has a story that needs to be shared, but so much of the time it isn't told properly.  I spend my days doing photoshoots with people and companies and in every situation it is my ultimate goal to tell their story in whatever capacity that may be. 

I have about 10 different female models that work alongside of me, and have 4 male models in my area that are always itching for me to shoot them in some gear for whatever situation I need. Plus I am pretty good at selfies, lol.

Another aspect is the location of where I live. So I live on a 28 acre non-working farm that is located on the Middle Saluda River right below the mouth of the mountain in South Carolina only about 30 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway and sunny Asheville, NC. It's absolutely beautiful out here, and I have so many different models that I could use to assist me in shooting your gear.  Some companies pay me for individual shots and/or a theme they want to include, but most companies just send me a variety of their gear/apparel in various sizes (usually the sizes I ask them to send) and I will give them exclusive rights to the images to use in whatever capacity they see fit in exchange for their gear/apparel.


That ranges from Social media posts of my pics, marketing stuff, PR, and I even had @visitgreenvillesc use one of my images for a billboard and their 2017 marketing material they send out to all the companies they work with. So I would like to propose to become a field guide/sponsor for your company if you all decide to work with me, (fingers crossed) and you could just send me gear and I will photograph it in the mountains and the streams with the models I work with, and obviously take many creative pictures with it and other gear that relates to what I am marketing. I know you will grow your customer base in 2017, whether I am working with you or not, simply because you have amazing gear and do awesome designs. That being said, I truly hope you all choose to work with me. 

I can guarantee sending you monthly or weekly emails (whichever you prefer) with your gear in the wild. I shoot in manual with a 5D Mark III Full Frame camera. It is amazing. I will give you exclusive rights to all the pictures that I send you, and am happy to shoot any products in a way that you all envision. And depending on how many items you send me will determine how many images you receive. But typically I am sending about 75 images at minimum a month the companies that work closely with Me. I chase the stars, the Milky Way, the mountains and the rivers. Visual storytelling through my camera lens just comes totally and completely natural to me. Here is a recent shot of me that I took myself that the city bought from me. But I'm more interested in your gear at this moment in time!

 Visual storytelling is something that just comes completely natural to me. LOVE LOVE LOVE your hats, shirts and other gear.  I wear a medium shirt (just saying) 

I hope to hear from you soon.

Happy trails,

Jeff Hammond

Traveling Light Art and Photography



My physical address is 

15 Anders Camp Rd, Cleveland, SC 29635